THE AIC STUDENTS’ REPRESENTATIVE COUNCIL is made up of dynamic young students who choose to go beyond the boundaries of the classroom by taking on additional roles and responsibilities as student leaders in Almacrest International College. As representatives of various programmes, the Students’ Representative Council is the highest student body of the college.

They are empowered to:

Objective of the SRC is 1st to promote an environment conducive to educational, physical, spiritual, social and political development of students through their educational career in partnership with all the departments of the College Represent and promote the general interests of students of the College. 2nd is to promote the advancement of the arts, culture, education, heritage, science and sport by assisting the College with the coordination of student activities and programs and supporting activities for students. 3rd is to promote equality of opportunity amongst students and challenge all forms of discrimination whether based on sex, age, race, ethnicity, sexuality, disability, religion, cultural background or other such status. Lastly, is to promote, advance and encourage debate and discussion between and amongst students and other persons or organizations.

Selvi Atikah Jaibid


Au Ping Shen


Ester Jessica Sebinus

General Secretary

Nur Ain Binti Ahmerudin

Honorary Treasurer

Jaimon Justin

Public Relation EXCO

Sant Kim Lei

Public Relation Vice EXCO

Meleda Samin

Entrepreneurship & Innovation EXCO

Nasrah Fadz

Entrepreneurship & Innovation Vice EXCO

Liddresta Santha Ibar

Entrepreneurship & Innovation Supporting EXCO

Welcy Whitney Walter

Academic Development EXCO

Monica Mandy Siun

Academic Development Vice EXCO

Viviana James

Academic Development Supporting EXCO

Nor Barranna Binti Awang Piut

Sports & Recreation EXCO

Mohd NorZamani Bin Herwan

Sports & Recreation Vice EXCO

Morins Ivy Pius

Sports & Recreation Supporting EXCO

Jonathan Justin

Multimedia EXCO

Azlan Saffring

Multimedia Vice EXCO

Dayang Thuraya Iqbar

Event And Special Task EXCO

Tracy Tshen Jing

Event And Special Task Vice EXCO

Niel Chulanbut Jackson

Event And Special Task Supporting EXCO

Octavia Chrystal

International Students Voice EXCO

Lesley Henry

International Students Voice Vice EXCO

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