Orientation week (Intake May’2019)

Orientation week is the opening and beginning for the students to have their first step into the college life experience. Almacrest International College will ensure that the students will gain a comprehensive and exciting look of the College and student lifestyle prior to the start of their semester. Throughout the orientation week, the Student Representative Council worked together with the Student Affairs Department to assist all new students in adapting with their new transition in life.

A briefing from each department was conducted to ensure that all new students have been informed and are clear with regard to the house rules, their admission to this college, and where to seek advice for different needs from the Finance Department, the Academic Department, the Student Affairs Department, the Academic Affairs Department, the Student Disciplinary Committee, the Safety and Security team, the Resource Centre, and the Computer Lab.

The program coordinators from all Diploma and Certificate courses briefed the new students on the courses that they have chosen, which includes what core subjects they will be undertaking throughout their time here with Almacrest as well as the Academic grading system of assignments, tests, quizzes, presentations, exams and so on. To promote friendship making and merriment, the SRC conducted various ice breaking activities and games for new students to get to know each other and to socialize with the current students.

In addition, the AIC Alumni were invited to share their experiences during their college life and their learning experiences that they have gained at Almacrest. It was a great opportunity for the new students to know how to balance between their academic goals and achievements, and their personal development. Introduction to Clubs is an avenue for the students to join any club that piqued their interests as extra-curricular activities are high encouraged here at Almacrest. Some of the active clubs that we have are: the Christian Youth Ministry, the English Club, the Almacrest Student Backpackers Club, the Indoor Games Club, the Accounting Club, the Gerakan Pengguna Siswa Club, the Health and Fitness club and the Office Administration Association.

In conclusion, from having conducted the orientation week for new students every new semester, we hope to make their transition to tertiary education lifestyle slightly easier and from there the new students will adapt into Almacrest with assurance and ease.

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