Office Administration Students Association (OASA) Club

Being a leader is not easy and too carry the responsibility as a leader, you need to be trained on how to become a good and responsible leader. Office Administration Students Association (OASA) club’s objective is to provide our Diploma in Office Administration (DOA) Students with leadership opportunities upon venturing into their respective career/profession. Working in the office environment surely required them to be independent and if they were elected as the leader or head of any department, they need the skills which required them to be creative, energetic and a hard working leader.

Second objective is, to provide the students with professionals networking opportunities career planning through seminar and presentation by office administrators from various organization. Aside from learning theory in class, this club is main to enhance the students understanding by giving them the first-hand experience in professional development that consist of mentoring and training sessions in observing on how to handle any conflicts or challenges accoured as well as to enhance their skills required in their course subject. The OASA club did their visitations to few places which aim to develop their knowledge and skills in the office administration field.

Ms Kelsah Kalianon


Ms Suhaila Sulaiman


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