Murai Batu Campaign

The Murai Batu campaign and Wildlife Photo Exhibition event was conducted to spread awareness to the public and youth regarding a beautiful song bird which is unfortunately caught and kept as pets. Through this event, one song bird has been rescued! And this counts towards the success of the event.

The Murai Batu is also known as “Copsychus Malabaricus” is a passerine bird native to South and South-east Asia. Its popularity as a cage bird has caused significant population declines in parts of its native origin. It is concerning that these birds that belongs in the forest is being caught illegally by the locals for it to be caged at home as pets. Hence, the event aims to create exposure and awareness to the public regarding this matter, with a message: “To protect this song bird species before it becomes extinct.”

The event also includes wildlife photos exhibition, lucky draws, live entertainment, children colouring contest, special wildlife mascot appearance, educational exhibitions, quizzes and games. This campaign is also in collaborate with Planet Indonesia, Danau Girang, Wildlife Rescue Team, Taman Taman Sabah, Bird Borneo Club and the Society Wilderness Sabah with the official venue partner, Centre Point Kota Kinabalu Sabah.

This event was organized by the students of Almacrest International College (AIC) who are in the Diploma in Admin Administration course together with the 1Stop Borneo Wildlife NGO. 1Stop Borneo Wildlife was founded in 2012 and is a volunteer based organisation whose main objective is to raise awareness on the beautiful animals that are found in Borneo through Education, Animal Rescue and Release services as well as conservation tourism. They are also conducting educational activities like movie nights, where they showcase nature related documentaries and also book reading sessions. It is a fun way to learn new things about nature.

Aside from that, for the students, they will be able to receive hands-on experience in organising and handling an event that was part of their assignments in Event Management subject. It is a good opportunity for the students to get exposed and learn in the event management area as this is the main part of the event objective.

By exposing our young students to society in their study life here, they can then take on this valuable experience with them as the progress into the working environment or further studies after they move on from Almacrest.

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