Grooming Session with Ms Hosiani Keewon

On 3rd July 2019, AIC is honored to have the beauty with a brain and heart, Unduk Ngadau Kaamatan Sabah 2018, Miss Hosiani Keewon for coming to AIC to give her tips and tricks in grooming and makeup session with the Diploma In Office Administration students. Aside from being crowned as “Huminodun” or also being called as Unduk Ngadau Kaamatan Sabah 2018, Miss Hosiani Keewon is also was a make-up tutorial instructor, motivational speaker, hostess (event and TV), brand ambassador, actress, singer, model and emcee. She is well known for her humble character, and her tutorials in makeup tips as well as her beauty.

This grooming session was conducted as a preparation for the students before they step into the working world. They need to look professional, neat and tidy especially in attending formal meetings or job interviews to link on how they will present themselves in public. This is part of the practices that AIC always does as the students need to know and be aware of the importances of self-grooming and to develop their self-confidence and self-esteem as well.

During this grooming session, Miss Hosiani shares her makeup tricks from face primer, suitable foundation base that suits your skin tone, eye shadows, contouring and grooming tips as well. She shares that makeup is not just about makeup but through makeup, it can build up your confidence level and people around you will feel comfortable and approachable. Her tips for the students is, before attending any job interviews, the first thing that they need to keep in mind is, be prepared in terms of the company details and practice in front of the mirror on how to stay calm during job interviews. Second thing is, your makeup should be simple and sweet as first impressions are very important. She also stated that the reason why she started to do makeup is that she wants to develop her confidence level as well as to improve her makeup skills as it is part of her passion too. AIC believes that to produce good quality students, these practices need to be implemented on them as they will be representing this college on their industrial training but also to make sure that the students are aware that grooming is a very important aspect in the working world.

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