The Student Consumer Movement (GPS)

The Student Consumer Movement (GPS) formerly known as the Higher Education Institution Users Club is a structured, constitutional, regulated and leadership group entity composed of IPT students with similar interests and tendencies and aims to work together, help each other and share resources in carrying out activities and achieving goals that have been set and agreed upon in matters of consumerism.

GPS was established in accordance with the mission of the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP) which is to drive the country towards creating a consumer society that is aware of their rights as consumers as well as a strong consumer community.

The objectives of GPS are, first is to form a new generation of consumers who are smart, rational and responsible to be skilled in making the purchase of goods and services by taking into account factors such as price, quality, safety, use of resources, ecological considerations and current economic conditions. Second is to create an informed, rational, sensitive and volunteer consumer movement to help protect consumers from all forms of abuse. Third is, develop a large network of cooperation, united, committed and proactive in implementing various consumerism programs and activities that contribute to increased awareness and knowledge of consumerism among students and the community.

Mr Lister Osiin

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