Why Diploma in Early Childhood Education?

Young children from 0-6, are in need of educators who can provide proper care and guidance for them. At this crucial stage of physical and mental development of a child, how they experience success and challenges, the foundation that helps them reach their potential, and how they develop comprehensively. The importance of trained and qualified Early Childcare Educators (ECE) in the field is now being endorsed by policy makers, parents, and the general public at large.

These programmes are crafted with a firm foundation to assist in a child’s effective growth and development, such as through the introduction of real-life activities in nation building, to help prepare them for primary school.

  • A firm understanding and expertise in child-centred education
  • Well versed in the integrated DECE curriculum syllabus
  • Strong grasp of hands-on and experiential learning
  • Schedules regular observations in recording and implementing detailed progress reports of each child
  • Application of best practices and principles based on DECE curriculum
  • Active contributors to the development of early childhood education
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