CSR AAA & Fitness Health Club: Sabah Chesire Home

The Almacrest Alumni Association (AAA) and Fitness Health Club visited the Sabah Chesire Home on 7th March 2020. Sabah Chesire Home is a registered, private non-profit, and charitable organization that has officially registered since 16th July 1974. Now, as the homes grow, the organization is involved in many more programs. The history of this home is their first home was built at the heart of Sabah, here at Kota Kinabalu, and was officially opened on 29th January 1983. On 8th April 2000, they managed to open another home which is located in Sandakan.

Here at Sabah Chesire home, they provide residential care to individuals with disabilities. Besides providing them a place to stay, many activities have been done to enhance the quality of care. Their staff taught them necessary living skills to ensure that they can live as independently as possible. They also encouraged them to do their hobbies ranging from handicrafts and needlework to drawing. One of the residents is good at using sewing machines, and she likes to make hair ties. With those hair ties that she made, she sells them when she has the opportunity to return to her hometown. Even though she has her disabilities, it did not stop her from doing her small business, especially having her own money to survive.

Even though they have disabilities, they enjoy physical activities. As our AIC students played songs and danced with them, the residents participated and enjoyed it very much. They sang and danced with our students, and we believe it was a heart-warming moment for everyone. Aside from singing and dancing, our students did cleaning activities around the home together to create a relationship between the home residents and the alumni.

We believe that the alumni and the students were so blessed during this visit because they had the opportunity to experience these beautiful and inspiring sharing sessions. The sincere smile on their faces, different stories that they heard are so precious as they taught them to remember to be grateful always. We believe that giving these experiences to our students will develop their self-maturity and bring awareness of people with disabilities. They deserve to be given extraordinary appreciation and honour as they are one of life’s inspirations on this earth.

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