CSR: Food Distribution (Collaboration SA & MASESA)

Sharing is caring. From this saying, we believe that sharing with others will bring back many blessings and positive energy. Even though it is not much, we want our students to know that we care about them, especially while living here in Kota Kinabalu. We know that it is not easy being an independent student, […]

CSR: AAA & ISO: Beach Cleaning Collaboration With Masesa

Everyone needs to carry out the responsibilities of taking care of the environment. Nowadays, we have seen much news regarding specific individuals and companies who do not care about the environment. They do not understand how important it is for us to keep our environment clean. If humankind continues to stay with this attitude, what […]

CSR: Blood Donation Collaboration With Sabah Amnesty Organisation

One of the responsibilities and purposes that we are on this earth is to help those in need. We want our students to grow their self-maturity. We want them to have the experience of helping others that are indeed in need. Raising awareness of the low blood levels in our local blood banks will probably […]

Online Orientation May’20 Intake

Since the Covid-19 pandemic started, our May’2020 intake students could not undergo any face-to-face interaction with their friends, lecturers, and staff. For this intake, Almacrest has conducted our orientation week online! Even though we face this situation now, it will not stop us from creating strong bonds with our students. Usually, we will always conduct […]

CSR AAA & Fitness Health Club: Sabah Chesire Home

The Almacrest Alumni Association (AAA) and Fitness Health Club visited the Sabah Chesire Home on 7th March 2020. Sabah Chesire Home is a registered, private non-profit, and charitable organization that has officially registered since 16th July 1974. Now, as the homes grow, the organization is involved in many more programs. The history of this home […]

Almacrest Alumni Association (AAA) Family Day

Almacrest Alumni Association (AAA) for the first time organized a Family Day “BBQ by the beach” which aims to strengthen the relationship with the current AIC students especially with those who will be graduating soon and to create the opportunity for the alumni members to have a better relationship among them. It was held on […]

Benzooloo Motivational Talk

To develop our self, one of the important aspect is the individual personal development. This personal development is important because, it will enable them to identify the hidden talent which will become the evidence that they are good at something. In AIC, we highly encourage student to participate in this kind of programes so that […]

Grooming Session with Ms Hosiani Keewon

On 3rd July 2019, AIC is honored to have the beauty with a brain and heart, Unduk Ngadau Kaamatan Sabah 2018, Miss Hosiani Keewon for coming to AIC to give her tips and tricks in grooming and makeup session with the Diploma In Office Administration students. Aside from being crowned as “Huminodun” or also being […]

Murai Batu Campaign

The Murai Batu campaign and Wildlife Photo Exhibition event was conducted to spread awareness to the public and youth regarding a beautiful song bird which is unfortunately caught and kept as pets. Through this event, one song bird has been rescued! And this counts towards the success of the event. The Murai Batu is also […]

Special Program (Intake May’2019)

Special program is a program that is conducted for two weeks before the orientation week for new students begins at Almacrest International College (AIC). The new student intake of May 2019 will be participating in some interesting activities throughout the weeks, and at the same time to fill up their leisure time as well with […]