Benzooloo Motivational Talk

To develop our self, one of the important aspect is the individual personal development. This personal development is important because, it will enable them to identify the hidden talent which will become the evidence that they are good at something. In AIC, we highly encourage student to participate in this kind of programes so that they will become more productive and they will be able to identify their hidden abilities. On the 25th July 2019, AIC students that are currently taking the Decision Making Skill subject had organize a two-hour long motivational talk session for all the students. Moreover, AIC is honored to have a recording artist from Sony Music Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Mr. Benny Francis or also known as Benzooloo as the invited speaker for this talk. The main objective of this event is, the students will be able to develop and think outside the box through song and lyrics. Apart from that, they will also able to learn from the speaker’s experience that can help them to improve their decision making process also in achieving whatever dream career that they wish to have for their future.

Mr. Benny shares about his early life experiences where he was not born in a wealthy family, pushes him to live independently during his teenage life and he also shares that, before he became a successful and well known artist, he worked as a sales promoter. His advice to the students was to believe that all of us have the ability and potential to be successful in the future. Do not give up on your passion, keep on improving yourself from time to time because in the end of the day, from the endless effort that you invest you will be able to achieve the dream or even career that you wish to become. As a saying goes “you will never know, if you never try.”

Apart from that, through this event, the students were not only were able to identify their talents but also able to develop their self-confidence and also, they able to make wise decisions. In addition, they learned on how to solve problems and motivate themselves to pursue their dreams. Basically, the main goal for personal development is to be truly happy for things that you want and are willing to do. Naturally, when you improve yourself, your life, and your relationships are able to achieved your goals, you eventually become happier and feel motivated to move and venture yourselve to a better path in achieving more.

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