Alumni play a big role model to their college or university because the involvement of alumni is part of expanding and developing our college. Established since 2018, the Almacrest Alumni Association (AAA) are still active in contributing their support to their juniors which is to promote a strong relationship between them and the students. Alumni is also a career mentor for the students as on their final semester, before they go for industrial training, the alumni could be the mentor to support them in giving advice, sharing knowledge and experience that they went through during their practical learning.

The AAA objective is also to promote a spirit of volunteering and co-operation amongst alumni in supporting the development objectives of Almacrest. Aside from that, this association is to provide alumni with the opportunity for social and professional networking and career development. It is important that the alumni’s support to the college reputation as our alumni is the ambassadors for Almacrest to create an awareness that we are an education institution that focus on a higher education quality and producing productive graduates to ensure their career pathways which will directly helping with the students recruitment.

Leonora Pang


Juvelyn Nor


Azroi Donny


Marysia Lawrence

Public Relation & Alumni Liaison

Azman Bin Mumin

Event Coordinator

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