Almacrest Students Backpackers Club

Almacrest Students Backpackers Club (ASBC) is one of the first students backpackers club in Sabah. It has been active since 2015 and currently consists of more than 30 active members. ASBC is in favor of conducting activities that stimulate students’ passion in travelling and exploring new things as well as doing outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, visiting new tourism attractions and supporting local or domestic tourism. Packing your bags is all it takes; one’s new destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. ASBC is delighted in welcoming and encouraging new students to join our club that shares our common interest which is travel for leisure.

Objective of the ASBC club is to expose the students of the places and attractions located in Sabah that can be develop into tourism attraction or destination as well as organizing activities related to backpackers. Second is, to enhance and develop the students capabilities and soft skills such as communication, confidence, organizing and implementing skills that can help them in the future when engaging in tourism industry.

“The real voyage of discovery consists Not in seeking new landscapes But in having new eyes”

Mr Abdul Hadi Bin Ujang


Ms Noraini Farhanah Binti Assaffal


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