Almacrest Alumni Association (AAA) Family Day

Almacrest Alumni Association (AAA) for the first time organized a Family Day “BBQ by the beach” which aims to strengthen the relationship with the current AIC students especially with those who will be graduating soon and to create the opportunity for the alumni members to have a better relationship among them. It was held on 17th August 2019 at Teluk Likas Kota Kinabalu, attended by our current students, staffs, Student Representative Council (SRC) and also our International students from the Philippines as well.

Exciting games that are based on the “Running Man” games which come from one of the famous entertainment game show in Korea has made this event more fun and all of them enjoyed their day and of course, creating a bond with everyone. Even for the alumni themselves, they can reunite back with the other alumni and share how everyone currently doing after all those years graduating from Almacrest. An opportunity like this is rare and it is a great day for everyone to kick back, relax and have fun.

All the alumni’s work hard on this event despite from their busy schedules to make sure that this event was a success. To have a good relationship between the alumni and students is important as in the future these alumni will become the students medium in sharing their experiences and become their juniors inspirations to seek for advice since all of the alumni are currently working and currently pursuing their career.

President of AAA, Miss Leonora Pang said that, she was overwhelmed with all the participation from the student, staff and the alumni and glad that everyone enjoyed their day and gave their endless support for this event. Not to be forgotten all the AAA committee hope to do more events in the future so that AIC family relationship will keep on growing and developing.

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