Diploma In Retail Management

This course will guide students in the processes, technologies and trends of retail management. Students will be exposed to concepts and skills that will serve them, not just in retailing career pathway, but also in various business fields of choice that require excellent customer service as well as aiming to successfully achieving corporate goals

  1. Developments in Retail Services
  2. Principles of Marketing
  3. Human Resource Management
  4. Business Mathematics
  5. Inventory Management
  6. Supply Chain Management
  7. The Retail Environment
  8. Organisational Behaviour
  9. Business Law
  10. Finance Management
  11. Visual Merchandising Management
  12. Retail Communication
  13. Retail Marketing
  14. E-Retailing
  15. Strategic Management For Retailing
  16. Entrepreneurship
  17. Fashion Retailing
  18. Customer Service
  19. Operation Management
  20. Retail Buying

Retail Shops, Logistics (Airports & Shipping Services), IT (Software & Hardware) Outlet, Wholesale Factories, Manufacturing Companies, Food & Beverages Suppliers, Malls & Complexes.

Graduated students will have an advantage of taking up a top-up degree with the foreign affiliated universities of AIC to study the final year of a degree. Alternatively, the students may choose other universities but the point of entry may vary depending on credits exemptions. Students may also choose to study in local public or private higher education institutions and the highest possible entry point is the second year of the degree.


Yearly Intakes: May, September and December


  1. SPM (Passed SPM with 3 credits in any subject)
  2. O-Level (3 credits in any subject); or
  3. Certificate in any related field recognized by the Malaysian Government.

Length: 2 years 6 months comprising of 8 Semesters

Course Mode: Full Time / Part Time

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