Diploma In Economics

This program exposes students to the complexity and intricacy of economics and how it affects businesses worldwide. Through this program, students will expand their knowledge of matters related to the economy in areas such as economic development, economic policies and economic resources.

  1. Fundamentals in Business
  2. Principles of Management
  3. Accounting Principles
  4. Small Business Enterprise
  5. Microeconomics
  6. Banking Management
  7. Macroeconomics
  8. Mathematical Economics
  9. Business Law
  10. Financial Management
  11. Statistic for Business and Economics
  12. Environmental Economics and Management
  13. Research Methodology
  14. Introduction of Econometric
  15. International Economics
  16. Labour Economics
  17. Managerial Accounting
  18. Malaysian Economics
  19. Economics Growth & Development
  20. Islamic Finance System

Bank, Retail, Property, Insurance Company, Advertising, Automobile, Dealer, Telco Company, E-Marketing, Recruitment Firm, Creative Ideas Industry

Career Pathway DEC 2017Graduated students will have an advantage of taking up a top-up degree with the foreign affiliated universities of AIC to study the final year of a degree. Alternatively, the students may choose other universities but the point of entry may vary depending on credits exemptions. Students may also choose to study in local public or private higher education institutions and the highest possible entry point is the second year of the degree.

Yearly Intake: May, September and December


  1. SPM (Passed SPM with 3 credits in any subject) ;
  2. O-Level (3 credits in any subject); or
  3. Certificate qualification in a related field or any other qualification recognized by the Malaysian Government.

Length: 2 year and 6 month comprising of 8 semesters
Course Mode: Full Time / Part Time

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