During the 11th Global Congress and Conferment Ceremony on September 5-6, 2017, Almacrest International College (AIC), together with Royal Institution (RI) had given recognition and appreciation to the courageous Mount Kinabalu mountain guides who selflessly put their lives on the line to rescue the victims during the 2015 Sabah Earthquake. Royal Institution of Singapore (RI) has honoured a Special Award of Recognition and Medallion to the unsung heroes of Mount Kinabalu for their sacrifices and contributions to the society.

As an education provider, AIC would also like to pay our tribute to the heroic deeds of our mountain guides during the earthquake tragedy through education. AIC is sponsoring 131 guides with scholarships worth RM6,000 each and 4 full scholarships worth RM20,000 each to the families of 4 mountain guides who were sacrificed during the tragedy. The scholarships are transferable, whether the mountain guides would like to continue their studies or to transfer it to their family or relatives to pursue any Diploma courses offered by AIC.

Together with the Royal Institution of Singapore, we aim to honour their bravery, integrity, and we are extremely proud to have these heroes amongst Sabahan!