Academic Staff

Ajijah Abd Rasid
Head of Academic
MBA, UUM BBA (Hons) (Accounting), Cleveland State University Ohio
Andrea Andau
Lecturer | Course Coordinator
Bachelor in Hospitality Management, UNITAR. Dip in Hosp. Mgt, SATT College
Andrea Reka Vili
Philologist in English language and literature and Teacher of English, Uni. Of Szeged.
Christie Rosie Martin
Lecturer | Counselor
BA (Hons) (Hotel & Catering Management), VATEL Institute France. Dip. In Hospitality Management
Err Khelex Mahani
BBA in Entrepreneurship, Mission College.
Herry J. Mining
Lecturer | Student Disciplinary Council
BBA (Hons) (Marketing), UiTM.
Izhan Nasriq Bin Imran
Lecturer | Course Coordinator
BBA (Hons) (Marketing), UiTM.
Jain Yassin
Lecturer | Course Coordinator
Master in Economic, UMS. Degree in Economic.
Kelsah Kalianon
Master in Office Systems Management, UiTM. Bachelor Degree in Health Administration (Hons), UiTM. Diploma in Office Management and Technology, UiTM.
Mohamad Azril Bin Sulaiman
B.SOC.S (Hons) (International Relations), UMS.
Mohamed Rafiq Ghazali
Dean | Lecturer
Master in Business Administration, UMS. Bachelor in Business Administration (Hons) Finance, UiTM. Diploma in Banking, UiTM.
Muhammad Naseef Abdul Majeed
Lecturer | Course Coordinator
Master in Human Capital Management, UMS. BBA (Hons) (Human Resource), Abu Dhabi U.A.E. Dip. In Physical Fitness (CERT), Canada.
Norhaini Binti Nion
Master in Laws, UKM. Bachelor of Laws (Hons), UniSZA.
Nadia Adila Binti Wasimin
Lecturer | Student Disciplinary Council
B.Sc in Accountancy, UiTM.
Rachel Joan Martin
Bacs. Of Event Mgt,UiTM. Dip. Tourism Mgt, UiTM.
Rivelino Carter Moinin
BBA (Hons) (Financial Management & Banking), UMS. Dip. In Plantation Industry Management, UiTM.
Siti Hafijah Binti Alaidin
Lecturer | Assistant to Head of Academic
BBA (Hons) (Financial Management & Banking), UMS. Dip. in Accountancy, UiTM.
Suhaila Binti Sulaiman
Lecturer | Course Coordinator
Bacs. (Hons) Office System Mgt, UiTM. Dip. in Office Management & Technology, UiTM.
Suzariati Sintom
Bachelor of Economics in Planning and Development, UMS.
Suzie Dymphna Akip
Lecturer | Course Coordinator
BBA (Hons) (Finance), UiTM. Dip. In Business Management, UiTM.
Suzila Binti Abdullah
Lecturer | Course Coordinator
BBA (Hons) (Tourism Management), UMS.
Thomas Joluis
Lecturer | Industrial Partnership & Internship Manager
B.Sc (Hons) (Tourism Management), UiTM. Diploma in Tourism Management, UiTM.