Students Club

One of the college’s most popular clubs is the newly-formed 1st Almacrest Student Backpackers Club. The main scope of this association is to encourage students to venture into tourism, an industry that has a vast number of opportunities. The programme is jointly organised by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia (Sabah), Tourism Malaysia Sabah, Sabah Backpackers Operators Association and Almacrest International College.

The following ‎clubs are also available for all AIC students to join:

  1. Consumer Club (GPS), Advisor-
  2. Futsal Club, Advisor-  Mr. Rivelino
  3. Tennis Club, Advisor-  Mr. Lloyd Peru Peter
  4. Music Club, Advisor –  Mr. Jain Yassin
  5. Choir Club, Advisor –
  6. Dance Club, Advisor- Ms. Dianne
  7. Badminton Club, Advisor- Ms. Suzie Dymaphna Akip
  8. Office Administration Student Association (OASA), Advisor -.Ms. Norasyikin
  9. Almacrest Student Backpackers Club, Advisor – Mr. Thomas Joluis
  10. Almacrest Accounting Club, Advisor – Ms. Ajijah
  11. Kelab Kabudayaan Almacrest, Advisor – Mohd Azril Bin Sulaiman