Student Representative Council

The STUDENT REPRESENTATIVE COUNCIL or SRC is a group of students’ leaders that seek to wholeheartedly serve and represent the students of Almacrest International College. It is also a platform for the council to work cooperatively with the college management in the interest of the students, raising their concerns, meeting their needs and assisting in maximising their potential through sustainable projects, events and initiatives in all students’ life spheres.

  • The Highest student institution in AIC that serves as a link between the students and staff and management of the college.
  • SRC shall reflect the contemporary practice and organization of a special student body that will assist each student to be at their highest of capacity and achievement.
  • It is also a platform for students to become future leader and skillful team players.

The Objective

  • To demonstrate leadership potential and build pride and confidence in their work and effort for being part of a special student body.
  • To undertake a programme of activities and events, which will support the students, management and staff in the development of the college.
  • To promote friendship and respect among students through planned activities that will assist in creating mutual understanding and guarding the welfare of the students.
  • To be a role model af academic and practical achievement by being involved in leadership programmes and team work activities.