Vision & Mission


To be an international education hub that drives academic excellence through creativity and innovation.


  • To achieve academic excellence by implementing Quality Management Systems and meet the national and international educational standards.
  • To provide innovative courses and programmes relevant to the industries globally and to meet the needs of employment markets.
  • To produce graduates that are highly esteemed by the industries and develop leaders that are proactive, creative, innovative, committed and ethical.
  • To champion healthy management and robust leadership in building a responsible and formidable corporate governance; to provide the necessary facilities, self-sufficient resources and a conducive environment to support teaching and learning.
  • To achieve financial stability for further development and growth.


  • To be able to comply with the required standards of the governing bodies in education industry.
  • To collaborate with other institutions and agencies that will enhance and intensify our degree as a college university.
  • To enhance the efficiency, effectiveness and productivity of AIC personnel through continuous training programmes.
  • To seek continuous improvement on our professional approach and teaching methodology that will promote lifelong learning to our students.
  • To develop curriculums that reflect the current need and development in the industry globally.
  • To introduce academic programmes that emphasis on excellence in teaching, strengthened by research and supported by professional service.
  • To highly motivate students through inducing personal learning development and character building programmes.
  • To provide students with career path opportunities by exposing them to educational field trip and equip them with practical learning through undertaking industrial training programmes.