Common Facilities


The main room where the courses take place are in well-lit areas of the college, providing a view to the downtown of Kota Kinabalu.

The classroom facilities is ideal to provide room for group discussion, as well as engaging lectures.

The room are air-conditioned, equip with overhead projectors and whiteboard.

Lecture Hall

There are 2 lecture hall on the premises of the college.

Celebrations, events, info sessions and classes involving a large number of students are held in these halls, well equipped with sound and visual facilities.

Sport Court

A modernised sport court is at the disposal of the students as well as lecturers on the afternoon after classes on any weekdays.

Recreational activities such as futsal training sessions are organised every wednesday.

Student Lounge

The lounge area is where students reconnect with their fellow classmates and friends.

This is where the information board can be found too. All the important course and general college information is posted here.

Resource Centre

The library provide calm and relaxing atmosphere for student to find resources and work on individual task that are given during the courses.

It is equip with computers that are available for all the student to complete their written assignment.

Computer Laboratory

It function as a study space for information Technology related to the subject and it will also provides the facilities for students to write documents, create presentations or collect necessary information for their research and reports on the internet.

The lab is opened during lunch break and after lunch hour too.

Students Hostel

Students can opt to stay in one of the hostel provided by the college. One of the accommodation is located in Api-Api Centre, which is only a short walk from the college.

The other hostel is located in Likas area, which is a short bus ride from the college, available for boys only.