In its first year of operation, AIC has mainly been involved in obtaining numerous and various approvals and licenses inherent to the education industry and vital to a college. These include licenses and/or course approvals from the Ministry of Higher Education; Private Education Department, The National Accreditation Board (now the Malaysian Qualification Agency) and the Ministry of Human Resources.

The processes of obtaining these licenses and approvals are usually lengthy and costly, justifying the one year lead time before AIC is finally able to launch its first intake of tertiary students into its Diploma courses. In this period, AIC is instead focuses as providing short courses, language courses and professional development courses as these product lines do not require the licenses or approvals necessary to offer full-time tertiary courses. Through this, AIC’s first year income-generation has been moderate, not lucrative.

In June 2005, its first intake of 55 students began to commence classes of Diploma in Leisure Management (DLM) and Diploma in Retail Management (DRM). These are the two core products offered by AIC at this point. As the first intakes go in the private education industry, AIC has managed to recruit a much larger number than the national average, which typically falls below 20 students recruited in the first intake.

The second intake in September 2005, AIC achieved an even greater number than expected. A total of 50 students enrolled with the diploma courses, rather than the targeted 30 students. Since then, AIC tertiary student population continues to grow and to-date, AIC has a total student population of 312 students.

This performance can be attributed to aggressive marketing in the months leading up to the intakes, all unique but industry-relevant courses, highly qualified local and international lecturers, a conducive learning environment and the college’s strategic move to its new premise at Centre Point Sabah in early January 2007, after being housed at the POS Malaysia Building for two years. Now nestled on the eight floor of Centre Point Sabah, AIC is right at the heart of Kota Kinabalu city and is in one of the busiest mall in the city. With this move, the College has increased its student population capacity to 600 students.

A noteworthy point, AIC was awarded the license to recruit international students by the Ministry of Higher Education in August 2006. This license enables AIC to spread its wings beyond the shore of Malaysia and tap into the huge potential market of international students. Since then, AIC has not looked back but aggressively engaged itself in promotional activities and positioning itself in the international arena.

In May 2007, AIC started to tap into the huge market of its neighboring country, the Philippines which has a total population of more than 100 million. Numerous educational road-shows were conducted in various provinces in the Philippines. In June 2007, the College began to receive its first international student from the Philippines into its diploma course. And in the following intake in September 2007, AIC enrolled a staggering number of 86 students from the Philippines to study in the College. AIC continued to enroll students from the Philippines in its subsequent intakes. Up until now, AIC has recruited more than 200 students from the Philippines to study in the College. The prospect of this market is tremendous. AIC is optimistic that more students from the Philippines would enroll into the College in its future intakes. In addition to that, we also have students from Korea and Indonesia studying in our college.

In January 2011, AIC was awarded a superb 5 star national rating by the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia for its achievement and high quality standard in student management, academic management, quality assurance, college facilities and management; and student employability. This achievement matches AIC’s vision to be a leading college of international standing and AIC is indeed moving in tandem with the national direction in achieving academic excellence and developing a knowledgeable and competent workforce for the national economy.

With its solid foundation and rapid development, AIC has been “branded” by the local private education industry as one of the fastest growing private colleges in Sabah. AIC has now reached a stage where students are consistently being recruited, classes are conducted in a highly conducive environment and an influx of foreign students into the college is expected. In view of the positive prospects for the next several years, AIC is highly confident and optimistic in its future growth and development.

As an education provider, AIC is aspiring to live up a reputation of providing highly valuable education for personal growth that leads to progressive career for every students of AIC.

The number of student enrollments in AIC has proven to be positive over the years. The business operation in AIC is well-developed with students being recruited consistently and classes are conducted in a highly conducive environment. AIC dedication are unique to the extent that we are willing to assist its graduates in seeking employment opportunities base on the field of their studies and expertise.

The future prospect of AIC is positive with great potentials, yet untapped in both local and international markets for quality education in a professional learning environment. In view of positive prospects for higher education industry in the region in the next decade, AIC is highly confident and optimistic in its future growth and developments which promise to scale new heights until it becomes a College University as planned.