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AIC Chinese New Year 2017

February 10th, 2017|Categories: General|

AIC Chinese New Year Party is to welcome the new year and start a new beginning together to achieve the colleges' success and to build strong and harmonious relationships between lecturers and students. As students are keen to celebrate this event of prosperity and harmony, as well as treating students and staffs of AIC to a luncheon, blessed by lions with best wishes from the management.

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In Almacrest I learn how to become an independent person because being an international student, it was hard to communicate with others who are not from Philippines. I learn how to overcome difficult circumstances in life, I met new friends who helped me face my problems, encouraged me when I’m down and treating me like their family member.
Maitha Comendador Vendor, Diploma In Marketing
Since I had registered in Almacrest International Colleges a student, my interpersonal communications skills have improved a lot. I can speak English much better than before and it motivates me to interact with people by using English language. For me, Almacrest International College is the best college that provides an excellent teaching and quality education.
Shobahanna Binti Md Norzaad, Diploma In Leisure Management

Since I started studying in Almacrest International College I get a lot of experience as a college student. With all the activities, event and studies that I attend, I manage to improve the quality of my life. I have also improved my pronunciation in English language because when I study in Almacrest I always learn how to improve my English. Now, my future seems so bright with the goal that I want to achieve in the future.

Suharman Bin Mhd Syaipul, Diploma In Office Administration